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Handy Service Corporation Silicone Gaskets

About the Company

Handy Service began nearly 30 years ago as a small rubber molding company in Anaheim , California , re-coating food packaging dies. Handy's founder Howard Sherman and his wife Sandy were the only employees, with Howard machining the molds and Sandy manufacturing the rubber parts. As Handy Service grew and prospered we moved to a larger facility in Placentia , California . Over the years we have produced many specialized products including seals and gaskets for the space shuttle, electrical connector covers for Desert Storm, air bag seals for the auto industry, EMI & RFI shielding, canopy seals and radar shields for Air Force jets, helicopter door seals for the military, television molding for the airline industry, and various work with engineers and inventors. We have always enjoyed new and challenging projects. With Howard's passing in 1999, Sandy took over the job of running the company and it has continued to grow and develop. We have 12 employees, which may seem small, but because we are a small company we can give personalized service to each and every customer with every product we design and sell. We still design and manufacture every mold that we make, and we can take any gasket or seal and reproduce it to the exact dimensions within a few days. Most gasket re-orders can be shipped within 24 hours. When you have a machine down due to your gaskets we will get you up and running again with our specialized in-house manufacturing and molding team. REQUEST FREE QUOTE

In HSC we design and manufacture industrial gaskets and seals for food and medical packaging, we also specialize in aluminum tray carriers, aluminum-bonded rubber plates, industrial gaskets and seals, and embedding molds for electron microscopes. We do prototype work for silicone parts other than packaging machines for numerous other industries. Customer service has always been our most important product. We are only successful when our customer is satisfied.

Silicone Gaskets

We manufacture silicone gaskets, seals, gas-flush gaskets, flat sheet gaskets, flat seal bladders, and T-strips for most of the major packaging machines today including, Multivac, Dynavac, Dixievac, AtlasVac, Rollstock, Colimatic, Tiromat, Contel, Hammerlee, Tiropac, Tec, Pioneer, Coster, etc.

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Aluminum Tray Carriers

Aluminum tray carriers, often called sealing trays, are precisely designed to your requirements and specifications. We make tray carriers for many industries in various styles and colors, machined and anodized, and custom fitted with gaskets installed and shipped complete to your business usually within two to three weeks.

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Handy Service Corporation

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